Why a Loft Conversion is Cheaper than an Extension

A loft conversion is one of the best ways to add space to your home. Now that moving is so expensive, making your home larger instead of moving to a bigger property is much more cost effective.

But one of the questions homeowners often ask is whether a loft conversion is cheaper than an extension. The short answer is yes, but of course whether you need a loft conversion depends on what you need the extra space for. If you need a bigger kitchen it’s probably not worth extending into your loft, but if you need another bedroom it’s a perfect idea.

Let’s compare between a loft conversion and an extension so you can make the best decision for your property.

Loft conversion

loft conversion with ensuite
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Most people with a loft can have a loft conversion, and seeing as the structure is already there, it’s cheaper because contractors won’t have to do as much building.

You might even get away without having to apply for planning permission as long as your loft fits certain height rules and regulations about overlooking other properties.

Loft conversions are a great idea for an extra bedroom, study or studio annex, as it’s out of the way from the main house. And with the benefit of the sloping ceilings, there are plenty of design features to be made from them.

Our full guide to the cost of a loft conversion can be read here – this comprehensive guide explains what types of loft conversion are there and the costs for the different options you may be considering.


ktichen extension vs loft conversion
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Extensions are a great way to create space, and you can split it over two levels which is great for people needing space for living and sleeping. One issue with an extension is that it will eat into your garden, which you might not want if you already have a small garden.

Extensions are considerably more expensive than loft extensions, but you are able to do a lot more with an extension than a loft conversion. Wiring and heating also costs more in an extension, so it’s worth thinking about all the extra costs before you decide how you want to create more space in your home.

So it looks like loft conversions are the way to go if you want the most cost-effective solution to adding more space. But as long as you plan and think about what you need the extra room for, you’ll get the best results whatever you choose.

If you are considering a house extension then check out our full guide to the house extension costs to get a clearer breakdown of the price you can expect to pay.

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