Loft conversions: Discovering the Dormer window

With a loft conversion you’ll be able to add fantastic extra living space to your home, whilst increasing the value of your property at the same time. And if you’re considering the idea of converting your loft then you’ll want to think about a Dormer window.

Dormer windows are similar to skylights and help to provide natural light to the conversion. However, rather than being flush to the roof, a Dormer window protrudes out, giving you more head room and creating extra space.

There are different types of Dormer window for you to consider and finding the right one will depend on your home and any planning regulations that apply to the area.

As the Dormer window will change the structure of your home, you’ll need to apply directly to the local council for permission. This can be very difficult to attain if you live in a Conservation Area or listed building.

When looking at the various options for your Dormer window it’s always best to get some professional help and advice. Speaking to experts who have worked in the industry for years can never be a bad thing.

1. Gable fronted Dormer – The front of the dormer rises to a ridge at the top and is also known as a dog house Dormer
2. Hipped roof Dormer – The roof slopes back from the front structure
3. Flat roof Dormer – The roof of the dormer is flat
4. Shed Dormer – A Dormer in which the window line is parallel to the roof line creating more standing space than a gable fronted Dormer
5. Wall Dormer – The Dormer’s face is coplanar with the face of the wall below it
6. Link Dormer – Large Dormer which joins two roofs together or houses a chimney.
7. Blind Dormer – Dormer that can only be seen from the outside of the house giving no extra room inside.

As you can see there are plenty of considerations when it comes to your own Dormer window and some superb options at your disposal. Now you’ll need to decide which is going to be the best one for your own home and ensure to have adequate planning permission to go ahead with the development.

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